Do you hate reading books?


Than this post is NOT for you. You should stop reading immediately. Because this post is all about reading books!

I like to read books just as I like to read blogs. And I am always struggling to find new books to read. I was asking people which books are they reading, what they like, etc. It was pretty hard to find something new.

But now, I found a really nice little app for my Windows Phone which allows me to follow people and see what they are reading at the moment :)
Yes you read this right. I can see which books they are reading, were reading and want to read. Therefore it makes it a lot easier for me to find a new book :) :) :) :)

So if you are a Windows Phone user, I order you to install this app called Bookdom (Meaning Book Kingdom. This is just bright :)) so I can see what YOU are reading :P

Bookdom app (Book Kingdom)

News feed is in my accent color :)

Help my friend please!


My friend just made a Windows Phone application to help people book a hotel room anywhere in the world.
I would like you to help my best friend and download his application and if you like, give it a good five star review ;)

This would be really nice of you :)

The application is called “Book a Room
Just search for it in the store or click this link and download it to your Windows Phone.

Book a room application

Get it now!

Thank you, you are the best!

Here is a screenshot

Book a Room Screenshot

Book a Room Screenshot

Amazing blog directory!


I found a great new thing on the internet today!

So what I want to tell you is that I found a blog directory where you add your blog to.
And what is the best at this blog directory? It will even give you backlinks to your newest posts! So it is more than just a directory!

Click here and add your blog to it ;)

It is the first time for me to find this kind of site and I would like to help this kind of free services to expand.
It is really awesome that people make this kind of sites to help other bloggers