Safety Not Guaranteed


A few days ago, I watched a movie called Safety Not Guaranteed. I think it was an interesting movie, although it is a bit different from ‘normal’ movies. Imdb link.


Three journalists head out on the road to find a guy who placed a classified ad seeking a companion for time travel. They try to join him on his adventure and write an article about him. But things just don’t go as expected.

safetynotguaranteedas some people say that this movie is rubbish, I think it was worth watching.


8 thoughts on “Safety Not Guaranteed

  1. I never heard of this one, but it sounds like something I’d like. The “sleeper” movies are often ten times better than the ones that get all the advertising.

  2. stevieneil4real

    Had me guessing right until the end. I’m a Back to the Future enthusiast, so I love creative approaches to time travel.

  3. lorac888890

    Hi again, it’s nice to read other comments. To see what people are talking about. They share a lot of good things.

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